Our training spans approximately 8 weeks. It begins with a weekend workshop where we cover the basics of doula care, spiraling once through techniques to build relationships with your clients, skills for interviewing, labor anatomy and physiology, the form and function of labor, the stages of labor, postpartum support, closing the relationship for the client and for the doula, and so much more! Over the next few weeks you will have three live classes to attend where we dive deep into hands on coping skills, postpartum care, and breastfeeding support. You will have one or two small homework assignments while this gives you time to assimilate all the information you are learning and to begin to work with some of the concepts. This work begins from the inside and ripples out. We will teach you to shift your perspective and approach life in a completely new way. Trainees notice huge shifts in their day-to-day lives. We return for another intensive weekend workshop where we deep dive once more. The second weekend begins with learning everything you need to know to set up a successful birth business. During this weekend we are able to put into practice everything we've learned by working with scenarios and critical thinking through pain management options, methods of movement for labor stalling, malpositioning, and more.

You will leave as masters of comfort and movement!



As a doula you serve your clients on the mind, body, and soul level. We have designed our curriculum to speak to these same levels, supporting you in becoming shamans of the birth sphere. 



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